Classic Brandied Peaches

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With the leaves falling and the weather turning, we wanted to share with you a recipe that's guaranteed to keep you cozy this fall - classic brandied peaches!



3 lbs ripe peaches

3 cups sugar

about 1/2 cup brandy



Peel the peaches by blanching them in boiling water for 1 minute and submerging them in ice water - the skins should peel off easily.  Slice the peaches and pack them into mason jars.  Prepare a 1:1 simple syrup by boiling the sugar with an equal amount of water until the sugar is dissolved.  Fill each jar with simple syrup until the liquid level is 1/2 inch from the rim.  Fill each jar the rest of the way with brandy.  Clean the rims with a paper towel and screw on the lids until they are hand tight.  Submerge the jars in boiling water for at least 20 minutes to process them.  They should be stored at room temperature away from light.


Enjoy these peaches (and that sweet sweet brandy syrup) with shortbread and ice cream.  A perfect holiday treat!


We hope you are well and wish you all the best!


Warm regards,

Landon & Allie