Having customers laugh, learn, and dream is the goal. The owner of Two of a Pear, Allie Durak, creates imagery inspired by history and events from her everyday life. Promoting women in science is also part of Two of a Pear's mission. We aspire for a day when the likenesses of female scientists become as recognizable as science’s most iconic faces such as Einstein’s or Tesla’s.

Allie is both an artist and gardener. She has a degree in landscape architecture and has a keen eye for design, but she also enjoys working with her hands. These days you can find her gardening, sketching, baking, reading, or on an adventure with friends.

A photo taken by Meredith Shepherd of Allie working on a studio project

A photo taken by Meredith Shepherd of Allie working on a studio project


Allie’s parents are also artists so it would be appropriate to say she was born with a paint brush in her hand. Now as an adult she is using her artistic abilities to promote laughter and shine light on individuals she feels deserve more recognition. Her husband is a scientist and through him Allie has learned of the struggles that women face in science, technology, engineering and mathematic fields both currently and historically. Upon reflection of her own life, STEM fields were never on her radar which left her wondering how many women could have gone on to become great scientists but never had the support to do so. She hopes to raise awareness of the great contributions women have made to STEM fields while inspiring women of today to follow in their footsteps.